Kenzie's 'AOTD' Winning Drawing

Our caffeine intake has increased dramatically and we have each had a turn of winning artist of the day. Eddie won ‘AOTD’ the first week for drinking the most coffee and spending the afternoon talking rapidly and coming up with excellent research as well as rearranging all of our colour pencils in a perfect rainbow gradient. Will won ‘AOTD’ the second week for doing the most talking and research on a normal amount of coffee and drawing an intricate architectural plan of our room sized installation which he then transferred into some fancy architecture software to make more accurate. Kenzie won ‘AOTD’ the third week for being grumpy after drinking three coffees and deciding to not talk to anyone and instead draw a giant picture of the demon cat from the movie ‘House’ on the studio wall (Reproduced in stunning quality above). Which is where Japanese B horror comes in…you find this intriguing?

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The movie ‘House’ was bought to our attention by the miraculous Kate Jinx who did an amazing talk about the ‘portrayal of cats in movies’ at the Surry Hills library recently. Apparently ‘House’ was based on a little girl’s dream and features, what i think, is truly the weirdest/ best horror sequence i have ever seen. This film has renewed our interest in schlock and B grade horror because, really, the three of us love tricks and special effects, the grimier and tricksier the better!