Day one of Will, Kenzie and Eddie’s Firstdraft residency

Eddie- “Floating golf”

Will- “Yeah floating golf, that would be a mad thing to make”

Eddie- “Yeah…. also we should look up that moon movie we all like”

So far we have discussed movies, Jurassic technology involving inventions that feature plants, sunflowers and tiny cannons that fire when the sun hits them and whether past predictions of the future are still valid seeing as the time that they were predicted for has now past.

Apparently an ‘Exoflop’ is 1000 ‘Petoflops’.

We have had a lot of coffee and have made a lot of jokes about Hip Hop and attempted to start a ‘mind map’ as you can see depicted in the above picture. We have started to make a time line of all predictions of the future made in movies and books. When we get distracted we play ‘sketch the rhyme’ (Which is a game involving one player sketching what the other player is freestyle rapping). When that gets boring Eddie makes ‘Cathy’ jokes and I (Kenzie) write them on post- its and attach them to the mind map in an attempt to map time through jokes.

Here’s what we have sorted through today